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Gematria Products is proud to announce a product to help you maintain an active healthy lifestyle. Liver Spa (LIPO) is short for lipotropic, which means, "That which homes to or preferentially goes to fat. The components of Liver Spa (LIPO) are four basic elements, Choline, Inositol, L-Methionine and Betaine Hydrochloride that is supportive of digestion.

Additional benefit comes from the product's use of Choline and Inositol which support healthy lipid levels in the blood and creating an environment for healthy blood vessels to thrive.

In terms of cumulative toxins in the body, the tissue that most favors deposition and long term storage is fatty tissue. For example, the problem with insecticides like DDT was that they were found to accumulate in the ecosystem, so that organisms higher in the food chain tended to have increasing amounts of DDT in the bodies. Because DTT would absorb, remain and accumulate in the fatty tissue of those ingesting it, certain birds were unable to lay viable eggs. This is true of other toxins from food, water, air, smoking, and radiation as well. They may get stored and persist for prolonged periods of time-if not a lifetime-in fatty tissue. To combat this, Liver Spa (LIPO) contains the amino acid L-Methionine, which supports the metabolism of fats within the body.

Following that, Liver Spa (LIPO) may penetrate into accumulated fat to make it more liquefied and fluid so it can be cleared away. Through this second aspect, by cleansing from the body those factors, which may add one or more hits to the malignancy hypothesis, there could be a benefit in terms of reducing a risk for developing tumor problems. This potential benefit is a theoretical one and would require much study to prove. For the regeneration the body those components that get incorporated in membranes to restore cell fluidity there is in a sense a return to younger acting cell membranes. This works in two ways, first to let in beneficial substances and secondly to provide an avenue for accumulated waste and residues to discharge.

What makes Gematria's lipotropic formula unique is our patented multiple laser system that is incorporated into the manufacturing process. Every capsule has been energized using the lasering system to ensure its effectiveness and freshness. You can't get a lipotropic formula with this unique technology anywhere else!

Another aspect of Liver Spa (LIPO) relates to brain chemistry and nervous system function. Choline, a component of Liver Spa (LIPO), goes into Acetylcholine, which is the principal neurotransmitter of learning and memory in the brain. Choline has been used as a general aid to learning and memory and overall brain function. Additionally, Choline and Inositol have both been recommended for persons with neurological scenarios. Not only may those components help the specific neurotransmitters; it may also help to insulate the wires that the communication is traveling upon.

Physical benefits aside, feedback from those currently using the product reports heightened clarity of memory, particularly childhood and distant memories. Though not specifically a cosmetic weight loss product, Liver Spa (LIPO) may be included in a program that is designed to reshape body compositions. When combined with a carbohydrate-restricted plan such as Atkins or the Zone Diet and exercise, Liver Spa (LIPO) could play a supportive role in a weight loss plan.



Two capsules with breakfast and two capsules with dinner.           


L-Methionine, Inositol, Choline Bitartrate, Betaine HCL


Choline: Advised against in persons with manic-depressive illness. Therefore person's taking anti-depressants such as SSRIs, Tricyclics, or MAO inhibitors should consult a physican before using Liver Spa (LIPO).